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Business Common Problems

1, What is the promotion of 999job talent network services?
999job talent network promotion service is 999job talent network to provide users with value-added services, your information displayed in the category of information list page priority position, high degree of attention, very conspicuous, often browsing the number of ordinary information is more than 5-10 times ; But the final effect is largely determined by the content of your information, and we recommend that you describe the content in detail and supplement it with a true and clear picture so that your information will be paid at the lowest cost Good results.

2, Account to be someone else
If you become a recruitment network recruitment staff, remember to account for this account, by the person responsible. If you later leave the colleague, remember to leave the user name and password, handover to another colleague responsible for the password at the same time to modify, of course, management account colleagues, proficient in operating the computer, know how to manage (if not understand Use the method, remember to consult 0930449999). Some companies that can not recruit people. In fact, the account is who is not clear in the management, that is, basically did not use the account to land, how can I receive a phone call, how can receive resume? Recruitment effect naturally better!

3, Often landing 999job talent network
Search network traffic is extremely large, the daily data are constantly updated. Landing site less recruitment units, job seekers noted the opportunity is low, of course, also affect the recruitment effect. If you log in frequently, you can refresh your company name and position on the homepage of the website, and the date of the job offer will be updated to the date of the day, and the chance of job seekers viewing or searching for your job offer is naturally big The Talent also Chung Chung came!

4. Self-help: hiring high salary, graphic hiring, recommended information where the show?
(1) hiring back to the service: In order to solve the high-end talent supply needs of regional enterprises, we opened: hunting services, to provide customers with a high degree of personalized and promotion of recruitment solutions! Will be in the 999job talent network: home brand position to show! Free promotion!
(2) self-help enterprise logo hiring: enterprises opened graphic hiring services will be in 999job Talent Network: Home, the latest recruitment show!
(3) Home Recommended Recruitment: Business launch Home Recommended service will be at 999job Talent Network: Home, the latest recruitment on display!
The information of the promotion and recommendation will still be displayed according to the natural attributes of the post, which will be displayed and promoted according to the various attributes (such as information categories, regions, streets, etc.) when you publish the information; The order is sorted by the start time, the latest hiring, recommended in the top of the arrangement.
(4). How do I open an emergency, recommended, advertising service?
Set up enterprises first registered members, improve and post the post by our audit, and then recharge points service, you can buy hiring, recommendation, advertising service!
(5). How is the display time and arrangement order of the promotion information?
The time shown depends on the time of the promotion service you purchased. The order of the promotion information is sorted according to the set-up time, and the latest is arranged at the top. If you renew the information, the information will be rearranged to the top of the list page, but the number of days before the promotion is not accumulated.

5, The company profile and job description to fill in the details
When you recruited your staff to read your resume, you will be more concerned about those who fill in the resume more complete job seekers. By the same token, if your company profile and job description are incomplete, job seekers will feel that your recruitment is not enough, how can attract job seekers? Company profile is as detailed as possible, so that job seekers through the company profile to understand your company's basic situation and attract experienced job seekers to submit resume, of course, fill in the company profile to the real integrity, not false exaggeration. At the same time, to accurately describe the recruitment positions, including the work content, where the department, the lower level, and the job seekers to avoid job seekers blind resume.

6, In time to view the resume and reply to the message
After the release of the post in your business background every day to receive job seekers posting resume and message, for these information to timely view, timely reply message, do not let job seekers job letter Shen Dahai, if the resume does not meet, please use courtesy Declined to function. If the recruitment places are full of posts, be sure to shut down in time to avoid wasting everyone's valuable time! Your company's reputation is also the key to success!

7. Enterprise information and recruitment information audit standards
1) does not allow pornography, illegal, false information
2) The name of the enterprise shall be subject to the business license of the enterprise
3) Recruitment information may not appear: telephone and email
4) information content can not have "This paste has been verified by 999job talent network", "this paste has been through the 999job talent network audit", "** for the 999job talent network integrity **", "999job talent network recommended" and so on to induce users That 999job talent network has been certified and other words "

8. What is the search assistant, manual and regular refresh?
999job Assistant to the site for business users: as long as the recharge points can be used. Members can enjoy a "manual refresh" or a "regular refresh" opportunity every day; "manual refresh" flexible operation, refresh time free arrangement, strong autonomy; "regular refresh" every day will be automatically refresh at the scheduled time, save time and effort , Refresh the promotional information will be displayed in the industry list priority, according to refresh the update order to enhance the promotion effect.

9. How can I pay for it?
Currently only support bank transfer and home payment.