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Recruitment units, information publishers (collectively referred to as registered companies) and job seekers, tripartite acts must be subject to the terms of this agreement; if you do not accept the terms of this agreement, do not use this site, or at your own risk. The agreement is effective immediately upon acceptance.
1. The release of information
And shall not publish any information that is in violation of the relevant laws and regulations and social morals; it shall not publish any information which is not suitable for the purpose of job hunting and recruitment on this website; it shall not publish any incomplete or false information; the authenticity of the information given to the user And its consequences.
2. Use of information
Recruitment units can only use the resume information of the job seekers for the purpose of this unit recruitment, prohibit the use of this site for intermediary recruitment; job seekers can only apply for a job, the use of recruitment agencies issued recruitment information; this site provides other information, Related to the purpose of its corresponding use;
Do not use any of the information on this website for any commercial purpose. Any user may not reproduce the identifiable information of other users by printing, downloading, copying or otherwise. Any operation described above without the consent of a particular user is strictly prohibited.
3. Information disclosure
Any information posted on this website may be viewed by any visitor of this website or may be used incorrectly. This site will not be held responsible for this.
4. Information accuracy
Any information posted on this website must comply with legal, accurate, timely, complete and true principles. But this site will not be able to guarantee all the information provided by a third party, or the information collected by this site is completely accurate. The user understands that the use of this information needs to be further verified. This website does not assume any responsibility for any loss caused by the visitor's own verification of misuse of the information on this website.
5. Information changes and deletions
In addition to the publisher of the information, no visitor may alter or delete any information posted by others. This website reserves the right to modify or remove any discomfort in accordance with its judgment.
6. Copyright, trademark rights
The contents of this website, graphics, text, sound, photos and procedures, all the contents of the ad, the full content of e-mail, etc., are copyright, trademark law and related intellectual property law protection. Without the written permission of, no one may download, copy, and use. Trademarks issued on this website are subject to trademark protection by their respective trademark owners.
7, registration information to use
Registered members of the personal information will be statistics, summary, in our strict management, for advertisers and partners to provide the basis. In order to provide a more complete service, will occasionally keep in touch with the member through the e-mail left by registered members. At the same time, we will regularly e-cards, information or e-magazines to registered members. Commitment: will not disclose the visitor's personal information to a third party without the consent of the visitor. Except in the following cases.
1) to provide personal information to the relevant units in accordance with the requirements of the law enforcement unit or for public purposes;
2) any personal information resulting from the fact that you have given the user password to others or shared a registered account with others;
3) due to hacker attacks, computer viruses invade or attack, due to government control caused by the temporary closure of the normal operation of the network caused by force majeure caused by personal information disclosure, loss, theft or tampering;
4) any legal disputes and consequences arising from the disclosure of personal data caused by other websites linked to;
5) to avoid the visitor in the life, physical or property aspects of the urgent danger.
8. Self-blame
All users who use this website are solely responsible for the use of this website and the use of information posted on this website. The user must agree to assume all the risks arising from the registration of or through to other sites.
All users are responsible for the exchange of information and sending candidates / recruitment intentions. The Company does not guarantee the authenticity, accuracy and reliability of the information sent by the user to the other party. The user's trust in the information received is purely personal risk. Upon discovery of any violation of this Agreement or infringement of the law, the right to immediately remove the user's membership and prohibit the re-login of this site. reserves the right to remove all illegal, abusive and unhealthy information.
9. Termination of service
This website reserves the right to terminate any free service without prior notice or without notice.
10. Dispute handling
This website does not assume any responsibility for the maintenance of the system, the system upgrade, or the network can not be accessed due to network congestion.
This Agreement is subject to the interpretation of the law of the People's Republic of China; both the user and the parties shall comply with the jurisdiction of the People's Republic of China. In the event of any conflict between the relevant provisions of this Agreement and the laws of the People's Republic of China, the provision will be reinterpreted in accordance with the relevant laws and the other provisions will remain legally effective and influential to the user.
11. Disclaimer
This site does not monitor this site at any time, but reserves the right to monitor it in real time. For the other side of the input, not the material published by Ben Wang, Ben Wang does not bear any legal responsibility. Application information The issuer must bear all legal liability for the personal resume and the format, content accuracy and legality of the resume in the resume center. The issuer of the recruitment information is solely responsible for all the material published in the job database. Ben Wang does not guarantee that a certain job description will have a certain number of users to browse, do not guarantee that there will be a specific user to browse. For the contents of this website, this website is not legally responsible for the contents of this website.