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Resume Guide
Always proofread your resume before you send it out! This includes double checking your contact info
27-07-2018Mike Simpson
Making a fresh graduate resume is always a challenge.
20-04-2018Poyen Ramos
Get started writing an impactful resume, built with applicant tracking systems in mind, using Jobsca
First impressions are shown to be very hard to change. Find out how to make a great first impression
20-04-2018Debbie Messemer
How to Get Your Dream Job with an Effective Resume 10 Resume Writing Tips for You Imagine yourself s
19-04-2018Lalit Kumar
Use these resume tips to dodge common blunders that can sabotage your job search.
19-04-2018Peter Vogt
Tailoring your resume can be your ticket to your dream career—if you do it correctly. Make sure your
19-04-2018Katie Douthwaite Wolf
Your resume is a key tool for finding a job. But what's the most important part of your resume?
19-04-2018Jessica Holbrook Hernandez
Expert author and speaker Jean-Marc Hachey describes how to write an international resume and provid
19-04-2018Jean-Marc Hachey
Your resume length can be tricky to figure out. Monster asked resume experts to help you determine h
19-04-2018Margot Carmichael Lester
You’ve heard the adage, You never get a second chance to make a good first impression." While you ma
19-04-2018Kevin Brennfleck and Kay Marie Brennfleck
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