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Company Introduction

WY Z is a trading company based in Mandalay under the Victory Myanmar Group (VMG) an d the Zaw group of companies. VMG was created in 2009 based on organic growth an d the acquisition of Mandalay Rum which was established in 1886 which now sells over 1.8 million cartons per year. Our parent company has deep roots in Myanmar. We are composed of 5 distinct business units an d employ a staff of more than 1,500. We are strongly committed to a sustainable development policy an d encourage responsible consumption. VMG’s strategy an d ambition are based on 3 key values that guide our continued growth: A respect for our heritage, a strong sense of ethics and our commitment to our community. As our products are sold throughout Myanmar, we have a responsibility to ensure that our brands remain as relevant today as they have done in the past, an d to pass them on to the next generation in even better shape. Our purpose, celebrate life, every day an d everywhere, is broad and full of opportunity an d plays an important role in our company. We know that when we are fulfilled, we serve our community better an d we deliver a better product.

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Issue Time:20-06-2018 Working City:Thaketa Experience :2 years and above Education:Unlimited Salary :Negotiable
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NaturePrivate Enterprise
Scale11-100 people
DistrictYangon Division
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