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Company Introduction
Win Food Co., Ltd was introduced to public in 2013 an d started producing delicious an d healthy snacks in founding year.\nBeginning with Wasuka wafer, a much celebrated wafers in local market, Win Food Co., Ltd continued manufacturing of more exciting, fun, creative but healthy food an d snacks including Keenji wafer sticks an d Bon Ami wafer rolls. Wasuka wafer is produced in four flavors, Cheese Flavor, Coco-Pandan Flavor, Milk Flavor & Falooda Flavor. Keenji wafers are based on corn extracts an d produced into two shapes: stick an d star shapes. Keenji sticks are available in two flavors, BBQ an d Chicken while Keenji stars are produced in BBQ an d Cheese flavors. Bon Ami, a premium wafer, was produced in 2016. Bon Ami is produced in greater an d export quality an d in two flavors Falooda an d Chocolate. Win Food Co., Ltd, for its amazing taste with clean an d tidy packaging, deservedly achieved the quality management certificate ISO9001:2008 in 2015.\nIn 2014, UMG Group of Companies started Onion Skin Co., Ltd, a food distribution company in compliance with Win Food Co., Ltd to distribute Win Food products. Furthermore, Onion Skin not only distributes Win Food’s products but also imports food, snacks an d soft drinks produced by foreign food chains. In 2015, Onion Skin started importing Sosro soft drink from Indonesia followed by Tebs energy drink in a few years later. Sosro is available in three flavors TEBS, apple an d black currant. TEBS energy drink is a combination of tea an d soda which can refresh an d revise the body of consumers. Apple an d blackcurrant, produced from a mixture of fruit an d tea base juice an d their sweet smell an d joyful flavor attracts the consumers’ appetite. OEM products are imported in 2016 from Indonesia which are two egg noodle an d 99 vermicelli. In future, we are planning to launch imported milk brand UHT from Thailand an d distribute as Win Milk which comes in two flavors: sweet an d falooda.
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